Equipment Sales / Support



SATURN Overhead Equipment manufactures Wire Rope Hoists, Base Mounted Winches, Tractor Drives and End Trucks for use on Overhead Cranes and Monorails. SATURN offers an extensive standard line of products. Further more, SATURN specializes in the design of custom machines to fit most needs and applications.

SATURN Hoists include Single Hook, Twin Hook and Multi-Hook varieties in capacities up to 15 Tons. Low Headroom configurations are very popular.

SATURN Tractors are designed to pull up to 30 Tons. They work on most structural beams as well as most enclosed track systems.

SATURN has a NEW line of bridge crane End Trucks with Under-Running models to 7.5 Ton capacity and Top-Running models to 10 Ton capacity. A very versatile 1 to 2 Ton Under-Running Tractor-Driven End Truck is featured.